Textile inheritance

Tradition family, the sale of clothes is truly anchored
in the DNA of the Bernard-Lardière family.

Since the 1920s, the Limousine family, which owns the Moulin du Chatelard in Saint-Junien (87), manufactures gloves and exports them throughout Europe.

In 1977, after settling in the city of Nantes and marketed furnishing fabric, the family begins to sell “Ready-to-wear”. Blandine, Charles’s mother, opened her own shop called “Amazone”, located Place Royale.

Charles Bernard-Lardière, a worthy heir of family values, is now striving to extend the tradition. Passionate about the American West, the man wants to retranscribe this atmosphere in his stores. “La Reserve” is a brand that derives its name from the very essence of the famous, distant American countries.

Elegance at the service of sport

La Réserve’s employees strive to choose emblematic brands that convey a sporty and chic image. The brand, loving motorsport, golf and horse riding, want to bring out his values: positive, dynamic and respectful traditions. “La Réserve” dresses in junior and senior teams of La Baule’s golf.

“La Réserve” is a spotter of intimate and family-oriented brands, which offer iconic pieces, current and trendy clothing.

Very attentive toward the quality of the products, “La Réserve” makes sure to select “made in Europe” collections and as much as possible, in a traditional way.

Our values

Team spirit and transparency towards employees are the key words of La Reserve’s values. Committed, the brand is also involved in association life by supporting several national and local charitable organizations.